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Passion for Fashion

I am a fashionista that uses my style, encouragement and speaking talents to help others build confidence. My passion for fashion pushed me to launch Flair in 2010 as a style business of helping women determine what to wear.

During the first five years of Flair being in business, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with incredible women; including industry leaders, executive wives and passionate philanthropists. Our time spent together has created incredible friendships, sparked new ideas, inspired personal growth of wanting more out of life… and added some Flair to our wardrobes.

Flair started as a confidence building company, focusing on improving the client’s first impressions using clothes & skincare. We decluttered their closets and made it easier to get out the door in something they love to wear. Yet it was our conversations, typically held in closets and dressing rooms, about their internal beliefs and desires that prompted our clients growth and increased their confidence. The inflow of compliments received from both internal and external changes prompted our clients to ask Flair to step out of their dressing rooms and into their board rooms and office space. My passion for fashion is what encouraged me to become an entrepreneur. My clients have prompted Flair to evolve.


Re-launching in 2016, Flair will expand our focus to speaking on our inner glow, our inner Flair. We will strive to de-clutter our clients’ minds, schedules & closets, thus allowing clients to be her authentic self, to live counter culturally and to pursue her dreams.



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"Kristie really understood my personality, my career and my body type to help me rid myself of clothing that was just taking up space in my closet  and select those “go to” outfits I really needed.  Thanks to Kristie - never again will I stare at my closet thinking I have nothing to wear.  From power meeting suits with the right accessories to fabulous casual and evening complete outfits, she helped to transform the way I look at my closet.  Kristie helped me to pair separates together that I rarely wore and have now become my favorite outfits.  Now that she understands my closet, she hand picks the perfect ETC pieces for work and play to help me maximize my investment in my clothes each season and always feel in style!"

JCW age 39